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Our Vision

The Rahnuma e Millat Education Sports and Welfare Society was established in 2021, in Aurangabad. The main objective of the society is to work towards educational upliftment of our community.

The Society aims to provide financial assistance, career counseling and academic material to students who are unable to pursue their studies because of lack of resources. Currently the focus is on medical and paramedical courses.

In future, we plan to extend the benefits to students of class 10, 12 and other professional courses.

Career Counseling

Community Services




Forming an active working group of medicos & professionals

Guiding and supporting aspiring students with career counseling for Medical profession & extend to other professions in future

Strive to provide opportunities so as to upbring professionals from the financially weaker community(orphans and underprivileged)


Approaching poor families / referred families / student -confirming their genuineness

Identifying & encouraging bright students in 10th & 12th standard with active counseling & helping them to continue their education with guidance on opportunities for various professional courses

Engage with faculties & administration from different colleges to identify & check bona fide students (from applications) & provide assistance on tuition fees

Issuing fixed term scholarships or deficient amount to help continue their current professional courses


"Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world."

We rise by lifting others. Education is the soul of society as it passes from one generation to other

Dropout rate after 10th and 12th standard is highest amongst minority section of the society

Of many reason one of the most important reason is poor financial condition

Higher Tuition fees of medical / paramedical and other professional courses even in Govt institutes - So arranging bulk amount to be paid for first year admission is difficult for many families

Currently due to repeated one after other crisis of Covid, repeated lockdowns many families are struggling for their bread and butter, many lost their jobs, had huge loss in business

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